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Creating Pathways For A Bright Future

At JASA we believe in providing Junior Athletes a pathway to pursue sports without compromising education.

JASA student-athletes receive...

  • A Canadian High School Diploma (OSSD) rated top 5 in the world

  • A world class training facility @ True Arena

  •  Safe & Secure 24/7 residence (Boarding: room & meals)

  •  NCAA compliance and guidance

  • Join recruiting showcases & combines (Thailand & USA)

  • Elite training from world-class coaches

Winning Formula

NPU International

High-School Education

NPU provides all our JASA students with an Internationally recognised tier-1, and Canadian Government approved education. This opens the doors to the NCAA, to most International Universities and to a world of post-graduate options.

World-Class Sports Arena & Fitness Centre

True Arena is home to JASA's modern-classroom Study Centre and the world-class coaches and academies that provide JASA's sports programs. It's the perfect base to provide our Junior Athletes the best possible pathways into Collegiate Scholarship placements and Professional Sporting Careers.

Pathways to a Successful Scholarship and Future

With the Canadian high school diploma being compliant with all NCAA Colleges in North America and universities worldwide, our JASA Junior Athletes are exposed to recruitment showcases here and abroad, thus augmenting the  chances of scholarship opportunities.


We are JASA: ​Junior Asian Sports Academy

JASA programs are available to all levels of athletes, from Recreational, to Competitive, and, ultimately, Elite. All programs feature blended-learning NPU education, providing graduates a world-top-5-ranked high school diploma, approved by the Canadian Government and compliant with more than 1000+ North American Colleges who offer sports and academic scholarships.​


JASA offers 4 Elite and Competitive programs, including tennis, swimming, football and golf, opening both college and professional pathways.  In contrast, the Recreational features a more general and wider exposure to many different Sports, while providing all student-athletes with access to fitness training, sports psychology, nutritionists, as well as guidance counselling for college.​ 

It's all about the TEAM!

Rest assured, you're in the best possible hands; both in the Academic World and the Sports Stratosphere!

Profile Pic JASA (3).png

Dr. Cell Dilon

Head of School

Profile Pic JASA (2).png

Sly Black

Head of JASA Tennis Program

Profile Pic JASA.png

Ryan Reece

Head of JASA Football Program

Mitch 2.png

Mitch Bullivant

Head of JASA Swim Program

Profile Pic JASA (1).png

Marco Scopetta

Head of JASA Golf Program

Profile Pic JASA.png

True Arena Team

Sports, Fitness & Wellness

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