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The JASA Competitive Golf Program at True Arena Sports Club, and the world-famous Black Mountain Hua Hin Golf Course, provides a perfect blend of technical and practical training and play to help determined Junior Athlete Golfers get to the next level.

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Holding Golf Clubs

Our JASA Head of Golf is PGA Pro Marco Scopetta. Founder of Coachingolfasia, Marco is a PGA Qualified Golf Pro from Switzerland and a certified coach in the Thai PGA and TPI . 

Coach Marco started playing golf at the age of 9 as a youngster growing up in a small town outside of Lugano, Switzerland. He became an accomplished junior player, playing for the Swiss Junior National Team at age of 15. At the age of 24 he won the Swiss PGA championship and represented the Switzerland National Team the following year.


Marco realised his passion for coaching, and enrolled in the PGA of Switzerland to become a certified instructor. He started his professional coaching career at Domaine Imperial Golf Club, which was named the best golf course in Switzerland for many years, still until this day.


After coaching so many players for so many years, Marco committed to further advancing his professional golf journey by becoming the General Secretary of the Swiss PGA and thereafter became the General Manager of a Swiss Golf Club, which created and operated the biggest golf school in the Swiss Romandy region.



Technical Golf Training

  • Swing Fundamentals: Grip, Posture, Alignment - Ball Position, Stance, Balance, Swing

  • Short Game: Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Bunker & Special shots

  • Full Swing: Set up, Take away, Top Backswing, Transition, Impact, Release & Finish positions

  • Course Management: Strategy, Tactics, Club Selection

  • Block training & Randomised training

  • Mental training: Concentration, visualisation, pressure management, confidence and decisiveness


On-Course / Indoor Training

JASA student-athletes will spend half of their golf time at the indoor golf studio, with coaches and technology to help develop swing fundaments, distance control and ball striking.


The other half of the golfing week will be at Black Mountain to work on course management, short game and competition strategy.



A nutritious breakfast is essential for fueling our athletes for a productive day of training and studying. 


Morning Golf Training

The morning Golf Session at True Arena's Golf Studio, with our JASA Golf Pro & Head Coach, will cover a variety of core components; including: swing technique with video analysis, distance control, and how to prepare for on-course play and tournaments.


The remaining two days per week, JASA students will visit Black Mountain to put our technical training into practice by playing on the course, working on short game and course management.

Morning Studies

After training, our athletes have a dedicated study period where they can work on their academic assignments in a quiet and supportive environment at the True Arena Study Centre.



A healthy and balanced lunch is provided to our athletes to refuel and recharge before the afternoon training and study sessions. 

Afternoon Sports & Fitness/Wellness Classes

Golf Junior Athletes will join up with students from other academies and the Recreation Program students for the multi-sport and fitness/wellness class program.


Sports will take place in the air-conditioned 100PLUS Sports Hall, which offers Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Pickleball and more.


Our True Arena Coaches will run classes that focus on Cardio, Strength & Conditioning, Mobility and Flexibility and Endurance Training; such as: Yoga, HiiT, Spinning, Strength & Conditioning, TRX training and other coached-classes.


Afternoon Studies

Our athletes continue their academic studies with another dedicated study period.

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