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JASA Sports Programs

Is a unique opportunity to receive a world-class education, through NPU/OVS (Northern Pre-University, offering Canadian international high school diplomas, a global top 5 education) while simultaneously developing their athletic abilities, in one place. The sports institute offers a range of athletic programs that provide exceptional training, and give students the opportunity to compete locally, nationally and internationally.

World-renowned coach Sly Black is famous for creating champions from an early age. Coco Gauf, Sloan Stevens and a whole host of other top Tennis Stars have been coached by Sly. Here at True Arena, the Paradorn Tennis Centre is overseen former by World No. 9 Thailand Legend Paradorn Srichaphan. JASA Junior Athletes will train daily with Sly and the Team, on the best courts, and in the best Fitness facilities in Thailand.


Our program is focused on developing professional swimmers who are also dedicated to achieving academic success. Our program is designed to provide a comprehensive training curriculum that includes various types of swimming training and dry-land training to develop strength, endurance, and speed. We also provide our students with opportunities to compete at local, national, and international levels to gain valuable experience.


We believe that a balanced approach to football and education is essential for maximizing our players' potential and ensuring their long-term success. Our football program helps students get to the next level though either College showcase and scholarship opportunities or professional placement and visibility pathways.


Our aims are to nurture and develop our students through a highly personalised and progressive performance program that sits alongside an excellent academic education. The NPU structure along with our blended learning approach allows our students the necessary time to pursue their sporting passion and facilitate their daily training routines and competition schedules. A great route and preparation to University in America to study and play collegiate golf.

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