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JASA Swimming Program

The JASA Swim Program is designed to provide a comprehensive training curriculum that includes various types of swimming training and dry-land training to develop strength, endurance, and speed. We also provide our students with opportunities to compete at local, national, and international levels to gain valuable experience. 

With his wealth of experience, qualifications, and passion for teaching swimming, Coach Mitchell Bullivant is the ideal leader for JASA's swimming program.  


Coach Mitch is an ASCA swimming license holder and has produced swimmers who have achieved significant successes at local, national, and international level. He has coached swimmers who have ranked top three at national level competitions in Australia. 


Coach Bullivant holds a range of qualifications including Swim Australia qualifications for teaching swimming and water safety, competitive strokes, and bronze development coaching. He also holds a Certificate in Aquatics and Community Recreation, ASCA Strength & Conditioning, and is a Yoga Alliance teacher of yoga for athletes. Additionally, he is trained in CPR and First Aid through EFR.  



Our program includes various types of swimming training to ensure that our students are well-rounded and capable of excelling in all aspects of their sport. Training for professional swimmers requires a comprehensive approach that incorporates a variety of different techniques and methods. Key training components for professional swimmers include: 


Technique Training
Developing proper technique is essential for efficient and effective swimming. Swimmers must work on refining their strokes and perfecting their technique through drills, exercises, and video analysis. 


Endurance Training
Endurance training involves building up a swimmer's cardiovascular system to enable them to swim longer distances at higher speeds. This type of training includes long-distance swimming, aerobic sets, and high-intensity interval training. 


Strength Training 
Strength training is essential for swimmers to improve their power and speed in the water. Swimmers must focus on developing core strength, upper body strength, and leg strength through resistance training, weight lifting, and bodyweight exercises. 

Flexibility Training 
Swimmers must maintain a high degree of flexibility to ensure proper technique and prevent injury. This type of training includes stretching, yoga, and other forms of flexibility training. 


Mental Training
Mental training is crucial for swimmers to develop mental toughness and overcome the challenges of competitive swimming. This type of training includes visualization techniques, goal setting, and mental rehearsal. 


Recovery Training
Recovery training is essential for swimmers to prevent injury and maintain their physical and mental health. Swimmers must prioritize rest, proper nutrition, and other forms of recovery training such as massage, stretching, and foam rolling. 


By incorporating these key training components into their training program, professional swimmers can develop the physical, mental, and technical skills needed to succeed in the sport of swimming at the highest level. 



A nutritious breakfast is essential for fueling our athletes for a productive day of training and studying. 

Morning Swim Training

Junior Athletes join Coach Mitch & the Team for the morning 2-hour Pool and Dry-Land Training Session.

Morning Studies

After training, our athletes have a dedicated study period where they can work on their academic assignments in a quiet and supportive environment at the True Arena Study Centre.



A healthy and balanced lunch is provided to our athletes to refuel and recharge before the afternoon training and study sessions. 


Afternoon Sports & Fitness/Wellness Classes

The Swim Program Junior Athletes will join students from other academies and the Recreation Program students for the multi-sport and fitness/wellness class program.


Sports will take place in the air-conditioned 100PLUS Sports Hall, which offers Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Pickleball and more.


Our True Arena Coaches will run classes that focus on Cardio, Strength & Conditioning, Mobility and Flexibility and Endurance Training; such as: Yoga, HiiT, Spinning, Strength & Conditioning, TRX training and other coached-classes.

Afternoon Studies

Students return to the JASA Teachers at the Study Centre to continue their NPU Academic studies.

Afternoon Swim Training

Our athletes return to the Pool for the afternoon session with Coach Mitch.

Swimming Pool
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