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JASA Tennis Program

JASA & Sly Black have created a well-rounded, winning-formula that consists of all the elements that Junior Athletes need in order to follow in the footsteps of the top players whom Sly has helped step in onto the World Stage of Tennis.

Regarded as the most successful Junior Tennis Coach in the US by the USTA and many peers and players, Sly Black is internationally renowned and has been working with top national and international ranked juniors for over 20 years. He currently works with dozens of top Junior Tennis Players, the Chinese Olympic Team, and has trained 8 players that ran the world, and 15 players ranked #1 in the United States.   Sly has coached juniors to more National and Super National titles than any other Tennis Academy in the United States.  


Sly’s Players:
Sloane Stephens – Wimbledon & US Open Champion, CHR No. 3 in the World

Coca Gauff – CHR World No. 1 (Doubles) and World No. 3 (Singles), winner of 3 WTA titles

China Olympic Tennis Team – WTA winners including Liu Zhang and Wang Xinyu, plus many more



Stroke Production

Learning correct technique and consistency with each stroke by drilling and video observation.

Footwork & Movement

Learning the correct and most efficient movement in tennis including sand work, field and track work, and on-court movement.


Having tennis balls fed to the members by our pros with precision, working on patterns, technique, specialty shots, and conditioning.

Live Ball Drilling

Match simulations, playing patterns, consistency drills, placement and target drilling, endurance and speed training.

Video Analysis 

Watching match-play, stroke production, and discussing technical analysis.

Mental Toughness 

Learning what to do between points, how to focus one point at a time, and learning to compete in the zone.

Speed and Agility

Learning to move using Center- Point Theory to become a faster and more efficient player with sand, track, and field workouts.

Match Play

Point simulations such as playing up, playing down, pressure sets, and playing the score.


Rise and Shine! It's time for a nutritional breakfast to kick-off the day ahead!

Morning Tennis Training Session
On-Court with Sly and the team

Morning Studies
Students will be in the Study Centre @ True Arena for morning NPU classes


Fitness, Mobility & Flexibility Training
Cardio, Mobility and Strength & Conditioning are important aspects of developing future Tennis Stars. The JASA Junior Athletes will have a daily coached session of Yoga, TRX, HiiT, Spinning, S&C training and more. Elective options will offer additional Sports Classes, such as Swimming, Basketball, Badminton, Pickleball, Football and more.

Afternoon Studies
It’s “back to the books” for the afternoon NPU classes, with our JASA-teachers in the Study Centre.

Afternoon Tennis Training Session
On-Court with Sly & the Team for the afternoon Elite Program Session

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